Dancing Bear Discount

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Parties are awesome especially if you have the male strippers from Dancing Bear. The wild times that happen in the parties that these strippers go to are filmed for your entertainment. The groups of women who have parties to unwind and get drunk also happen to have fun with male dancing strippers. The videos inside hold explicit sexual dances where the girls go rapid mad on the male strippers and have sex with them. The tour page will show you previews of how the male swinging dick and a gathering of horny drunk ladies can be such a nice mixture for hardcore films.


It is a win situation for all since the stripper gets several ladies to milk his cock while the ladies get to express themselves in all ways. This website main niche is the clothed female naked male (cfnm) hardcore genre that contains several sub niches in it. You will see things like blowjobs, tripping, anal, pussy eating, cumshots, facials, and much more. The strippers here should be considered brave men cause they tackle a room filled with clothed females and they entertain them all.

Some of the females are just here to see what happens, some make the effort to touch the stripper, and many others have to get hold of the stripper cock and make it dance until cum explodes out! It is because of this variety that the movies inside this place are addictively good. The website clearly takes its time to upload movies, they only have a couple of updates every month, the result is that the collection is not as big as many would want. To sort of counteract this deficiency, the movies here are very long, 60 minutes or more. You will be restricted to only being able to stream the movies they have here. That is disappointing for those who would want to save the movies that are shown inside this place.

On a more uplifting note, the films come in high definition resolution like 720p; this is standard HD and is very good. Each gallery here houses 300 images, sometimes that number is higher. Like other paysites, you will have different and secure methods of payment, deals are normally for one month and yearly membership pass. The filming is realistic, the parties look authentic, and they are for different occasions. The party can be for anniversaries, bachelorette, birthdays, girl’s night out, etc. There are several cameras being used in order to give the best vantage point viewership where you can see all the nasty CFNM porn action.

Normally, its one brave stripper against a multitude of different ladies, and you will find the girls here have different bodies, asses, breasts, and fetish desires. The more the ladies drink, the wilder the party gets and that is what Dancing Bear does so well to film, the depravity of the parties! So, if this is your style of hardcore action, you definitely should check them out!

Kelly Madison Discount

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Kelly Madison is a woman with natural sensuality all around her and her big breasts! She is a famous star that began her career in the industry long ago. After years of service and performances, she has now created an official website. Here, inside this website are all her movies. Since she is involved heavy in the industry, she also directs and her official website has 2600 videos, probably more. This website is pampered and given great features and tools for navigation. You will get sections and layers linked to menus and information then flow back to pictures and movies all in a smooth rhythm, which is something porn fans always want.


The website is producing more material, be it featuring Kelly, her husband, her many porn star friends, amateurs, models, coeds, new comers, and so on. Kelly Madison is a woman of meaningful pleasure who has one hell of wicked desire to make you cum! She always had this in her, as you will read from her long bio inside the website. She is now a mature milf personality that still has breasts that men love sucking all over! And what is even more appealing is that she also attracts lots of attention from other beautiful females.

Physically she is stunning, but she is also a businesswoman and has a gift for producing great porno. These qualities serve her best in running this and other website she has with her horny husband Mr. Ryan. The movies here, downloaded and streamed, will offer you resolution quality that is amazing. This is for the full high definition videos 1080p resolution. And apart from that, there is the 720p and 360p res format; the smaller one is mostly for the mobile file formats (psp/iPod). Mp4 and QuickTime are the other available formats. Thousands of picture galleries where one gallery with hundreds of images can be found. The total collection of jpegs should be satisfactory.

The membership fee is recurring for monthly or 3 months, and you will not notice the time passing by since you will be experiencing too much fun! The bi-sexual inclination of Kelly means that she is open to so many forms of hardcore niches which you get inside. Also her personal website is loaded with extras like cartoon strips, blog, store, blog, model index, etc. As a full member, you will have something to appreciate every time you log into this website.

There are few entertainers who command such diverse respect as Kelly Madison does, and this is what you will discover inside her website. Normally the website makes updates all through the week, information and links to her other website projects are also inside so you can check that out! As far as this website goes they get a perfect score from us, visit them today!

Rylsky Art Discount

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$8.33 monthly for 365 days


Rylsky Art is a website that favors beautiful presentation of content that is aimed at making you get stimulated through erotica content. There are fresh movies, models, and picture galleries inside that are very high quality for the members to sample. They even give you one free day membership trial to checkout some their collection. This website digs into the different types of erotica desires by casting different models and girls in great resolution pictures and video. Under normal circumstances, it impossible not to get aroused by these girls and the movies come with date and time stamps.


Movies normally are between 5 to 10 minutes long. To surf inside you can start with the main page; the main menu gives you tabs that take you to updates, top photos, movies, models, live cams, recent, options, network. At the very top, there are links to behind scene footage and advanced search tool. The layout of the website resembles a magazine style that shows the cover shot of the model, her name, and the action is filmed and photographed indoors and outdoors. The creamy skin of the models and the flexible limbs that they show here will impress you.

The girls swing and pose in erotic position as the camera takes their pictures and the post production editing is perfect. There is a creative art that is used in coming up with content for this website. There are clearly more picture updates happening here than videos, but they do add videos also through the week. The videos are given in formats compatible with your PC and even mobile friendly formats are available. You will save movies in HD formats easily, or you will play them online using the flash player to stream the movies. Right now, they have movies that offer you HD 720p and 1080p resolutions.

The Rylsky Art films are arranged according to top movies and latest. Watching the girls, you get to see that they are fit, slender, different breast sizes, hair color different, skin tone different, and naturally beautiful. The ages are between 18 year to maybe around 24 years old. The pictures are the most important element you will get inside this place, they come in 3 sizes. They have 1024, 2048, and 4368 pixel resolutions to offer. As you will see inside, even the smallest resolution picture is astonishing in terms of color, composition, and lighting. For fast saving of the pics, using the zip file format is recommended.

Rylsky Art is naturally and effortlessly good at making softcore erotica since they have been doing it for a while now. They are dedicated to delicate erotica stimulation of your body through showing you beautiful young girls and their bodies. You want this, then it is recommended that you pay these guys a visit today!

Reality Kings Discount

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Those who are wise enough to go and visit Reality Kings get to have 40+ pornsites to check out. These pornsites are adventurous, amazing, addictive, all for you once you are inside this network. The network has great websites that have established their popularity over a long period of time. Some are just new. What is clear is that the network does exploit all different sectors of porn genres possible. The amount of brilliant productions here startles the mind and makes sexual juices flow. You should be glad to have more than 11000 movies inside this place. That equates to hundreds of hours of pornography, such large collection will definitely not get finished any time soon.


This particular review will start with the perceived bad thing about the network then celebrate all the good stuff. Okay, first up are the dead pornsites that no longer update. Some died early with only few episodes inside, but, you will find new updates daily from other websites. Older porn here is not HD resolution, a common thing since the technology for making HD videos began being used a couple of years back. Anyway, all new updates are HD, plenty of hundreds of videos in 1080p res and 720p res HD. Anyway, enough of these small issues, time to get into the better side of things within this network.

These guys are celebrated producers no matter what anyone says, they have earned their bragging rights. They have influenced how hardcore production happens, and have had a say in the growth of the online porn industry. Their strength and impressive reputation is because of their work with innovative directors, reality filming techniques, best pornstars, talented camera crew and production team. They compete with the bigger boys on all different aspects of marketing, production, design, presentation, innovation, style, etc. Inside the big network come various tools and features you can use to navigate easily. Details about the models, updates, websites are given inside.

As you scroll inside you get all the niches you can mention and some you did not realize existed. The large model gallery will show you all kind of bodies, young legal teens to bold out-of-their-minds sexy cougars/milfs. Amateurs and pornstars share the websites here, the right kind of services are also offered including video streaming and downloading. The image gallery can be saved, use the zip file for an easier experience. Even though the member’s page may look a bit flashy and big, you get to understand how everything works pretty quickly, once you have spent some quality time.

Reality Kings is a time tested master of the most entertaining hardcore porn online. They may have some issues, who doesn’t really? but they do the important stuff too amazingly well for you to disregard them.

ZTOD Discount

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There is a reason why ZTOD is what many people need when it comes to porn, and that is because they stand for zero tolerance when it comes to production of low-end pornography. Another reason why people are pulled to them (like iron to a magnet) is because they have a gigantic collection. Over 8000 videos are here from thousands of quality DVD movies. The bigness of variety here when it comes to the models and/or pornstars is going to be the third force that pulls you in. Since you just cannot keep on refusing to be interested in them, let us get inside and discover more important information.


These guys have a hard time when it comes to planning and arranging the content inside their galleries. Sort of comes with the responsibility of offering so much content all in one place, but they do very well. You can start with models, arrange by name, search, and find any sex star you like. Linked to the models are the movies. Movies then have the rating and comments added by members, and they are date stamped. Arranging the movies according to rating, date, HD res, DVD, scenes, niche/category, and other features, help you get to the business of watching movies instead of just constantly searching.

With more than sixty categories for your eyes, it is easy to see how you will never be bored again inside ZTOD! The numbers are large but this website has a structure that fits and holds everything together in one impressive space. There are some 2000 pornstars you will get doing traditional hardcore niches. What is amazing is the long line of sub genres, fetishes, and other naughty things that they are able to showcase. With each movie comes the cast names, information, synopsis, tags, it is just amazing such a big website still does the small things perfectly for their members.

One option you can use here to catch the good stuff is to go ahead and stream the movies. The online player allows for HD streaming. You also get to have different formats that you can check out, mpeg, divx, wmv, flv, mp4, and smaller mobile device suited formats. The films that are found in the archives may at times be SD resolution, or standard DVD res. Also, you will find that the deeper you go into the gallery, the less options you will run into when it comes to the formats.

It is simple, you consider joining these guys because they bring it like no one else can bring it, and then they go on to offer 2 bonus websites with your membership pass. Its thousands of the best pornstars, niches, pics, movies for one membership pass. ZTOD kills it, but in a good kind of way, so let them slay your desires and give you more than you imagined possible for a very reasonable membership fee.

WowGirls Discount

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You can consider the website WowGirls to be in complete control when it comes to producing amazing content. They roar and eat up competition like its nothing because they have the most perfect babes in the world doing hardcore porn in the most perfect of ways! You are offered membership to collect all of the 530+ movies they have for you inside. That is just the tip of the iceberg, the main website is going to sink you into beautiful HD porn and joyous young pussy. They have models inside who are between the ages of 18 to 21 years old.


They come in different packages, some being young innocent, playful, inquisitive, raunchy, and some are downright ready to raise hell! The presentation gives you a chance to see them all as you please once you are inside. The collection is soft and hard, fetish and ordinary, it offers you great variety in other words. Amazingly easy for them to just show up with new updates every week because they love producing. The soft bottoms and budding nipples of the solo masturbating ladies will leave you dripping, while the crazy games of dildos, insertions, licking, BJs, and anal will make you gush!

WowGirls explores the scope of abilities that the young models present, and the filming is intriguing to say the least. So you can expect moments of erotic alone time with young bodies, and times when squirting and water sports fetish takes hold. In the meantime, they are also very active when it comes to making sure the technical aspects of everything inside works perfectly. This means videos have clips, full movies, links, tags, information on format and date. Next you get videos normally at 20 minutes in length, formats include the trusty three -wmv, mp4, flv.

The resolution of new updates is staggeringly good at clean 1080p HD. The resolution for older clips can be mid res, mostly lower than 720p. For members it is all about enjoying streaming and downloading, smart presentation, and how the heck can we forget about the pictures… magnificent! The biggest jpeg file can have resolutions of 2000pxls. There are also enough picture shoots to say that you will be swimming in jpegs of beautiful amateur teen hardcore variety. Because they have much to show and much more to impress you on, they make sure to keep updating and keep the website user friendly. That requires attention from the webmaster, upkeep, and customer services that help any member who needs it.

You will get hours of pleasure from the website Wow Girls because they can work you into twisted knots of passion with their content. People expect the girls inside this website to be sexy beautiful, and people appreciate the hardcore and softcore variety that comes from this website. Be among those people who love login into this website, check them out today!

ATK Premium Discount

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Apparently, ATK Premium is one of the porn sites that have the highest numbers of images posted on weekly basis. It is an amateur pornography website with high quality images and videos lasting for several minutes of excitement and fun. This site is rated positively higher among amateur sites due to its professional look and collection of exotic girls performing the best of adult show in various styles.


The strategy used to select models for this site is an evidence of great determination to dominate the current trend of sex movies. The girls are carefully selected from among the best available porn models found in the adult entertainment industry and they are living up to the expectations of sex movie lovers. You have the opportunity of choosing from different scenario that suits your mood ranging from masturbation to hardcore. The fucking movies found on this platform are of high class performed by beautiful but energetic and young models.

With clear and flawless movies running for between 5 to 20 mins and stunning images numbering up to 1500 regularly updated at least per week, ATK Premium remains a site everyone will come to love and admire. The experience is extremely amazing going by what the site has to offer its visitors and members in terms of quality pictures and videos and deep presentation of models` profile and biographies. The site focuses more on young porn models possibly in their twenties or late teens but equipped with needed experience to make the scene excited. They are beautiful, gorgeous and very attractive in every concept. Nice boobs, fresh bodies and the innocent look of these models are just a few of what attract most visitors to the site and eventually make it their favorite. The professional design of this site allows easy navigation through its improved tools and names of models each with her biography. You will surely have a lot to see on this site because plenty of beautiful images of porn stars are there for your satisfaction.

The fantastic photo galleries of pretty girls from various origins and nationalities will make you like ATK Premium site even more than before. Everything related to this site seems perfect and well-arranged; the girls are splendid, sexy and up to the task while the site itself has a high speed of downloading images and videos. Another impressive thing about this website is the professional layout of menu and template that permits easier access to your favorite page and models.

It`s not so surprising that a lot of internet users prefer this site because it contains clear and adorable movies performed by young, beautiful ladies in their prime ages. Knowing more about a porn model ranging from her favorite food, dress, animal and the best dick she enjoys most is a great innovation that the site brought to its members. And more importantly, becoming a member on this site takes few minutes to complete and membership fees are relatively affordable for all levels.

DogFart Discount

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Here is a pornography network site that specializes in various adult entertainments at its best. Dogfart has huge experience in gathering interracial sex movies ready for smooth download for its amiable members. This site is ranked among the best porn sites in its category and has great numbers of members from every corner of the world. A hardcore porn site with streamline tools and menu that makes it easier for visitors to navigate through pages and models, it leaves no stone unturned to improve on its effort to impress and woo more members.


It is a network site that believes so much in quality and innovations and this could be clearly observed in the manners porn stars pictures are arranged all in HD images. Though the site has a primary objective of presenting hardcore sex movie but also has a reputation of taking interracial sex episodes to higher level. However, it is not just all about black dick fucking a white pussy vice versa but done in style with lots of exciting moments and interactions.

Dogfart network site has 23 different porno sites put together making it one of the largest porn network platforms around and each site has its selective character of girls. The interracial fucking experience makes this network stands out among its rivals and the types of attractive girls put on display is another key factor that many sex movie fans found very interesting.

Members are bearing witness and giving testimonies about their experience of using this network and all seem positive. As a registered member or just a first time visitor checking through their sites, you are assured of getting value for your money particularly with the view of distinct and breath-taking images of porn models. You stand a great chance of tumbling across whatever you desire in hardcore sex movies while surfing the pages of this network and would surely want to come back.

With more than 500 models in their network, DogFart Network is unarguably an ideal place to get satisfaction and enjoyment in terms of hardcore movie. Also, with an average age group between 18 and 45, this network possesses the real value of assorted models to satisfy the view of each and everyone`s desire. They are beautiful, with nice boobs, clean and excellent body shapes and professional in their career; this is a perfect description of girls used in this site`s sex movies.

They are all in various sizes, shapes and nationalities; thin, thick, tall, black, white, blonde, just name it, the list is endless but what matter most to these guys is for members to get what they really search for. This site`s members enjoy unlimited downloadable items and models galleries at their disposal. The video files are strategically compressed to play on all browsers and produce clear and audible voices while you sit back to enjoy the best of hardcore movies. At affordable prices, members need not to spend fortune to experience the good view of modern porn films.