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Parties are awesome especially if you have the male strippers from Dancing Bear. The wild times that happen in the parties that these strippers go to are filmed for your entertainment. The groups of women who have parties to unwind and get drunk also happen to have fun with male dancing strippers. The videos inside hold explicit sexual dances where the girls go rapid mad on the male strippers and have sex with them. The tour page will show you previews of how the male swinging dick and a gathering of horny drunk ladies can be such a nice mixture for hardcore films.


It is a win situation for all since the stripper gets several ladies to milk his cock while the ladies get to express themselves in all ways. This website main niche is the clothed female naked male (cfnm) hardcore genre that contains several sub niches in it. You will see things like blowjobs, tripping, anal, pussy eating, cumshots, facials, and much more. The strippers here should be considered brave men cause they tackle a room filled with clothed females and they entertain them all.

Some of the females are just here to see what happens, some make the effort to touch the stripper, and many others have to get hold of the stripper cock and make it dance until cum explodes out! It is because of this variety that the movies inside this place are addictively good. The website clearly takes its time to upload movies, they only have a couple of updates every month, the result is that the collection is not as big as many would want. To sort of counteract this deficiency, the movies here are very long, 60 minutes or more. You will be restricted to only being able to stream the movies they have here. That is disappointing for those who would want to save the movies that are shown inside this place.

On a more uplifting note, the films come in high definition resolution like 720p; this is standard HD and is very good. Each gallery here houses 300 images, sometimes that number is higher. Like other paysites, you will have different and secure methods of payment, deals are normally for one month and yearly membership pass. The filming is realistic, the parties look authentic, and they are for different occasions. The party can be for anniversaries, bachelorette, birthdays, girl’s night out, etc. There are several cameras being used in order to give the best vantage point viewership where you can see all the nasty CFNM porn action.

Normally, its one brave stripper against a multitude of different ladies, and you will find the girls here have different bodies, asses, breasts, and fetish desires. The more the ladies drink, the wilder the party gets and that is what the Dancing Bear discount does so well to film, the depravity of the parties! So, if this is your style of hardcore action.