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Those who think that college co-eds cannot make few thousands of bucks during their school time should have a rethink because what Dare Dorm is doing is a pure life experience of school girls and boys. $10,000! Yes, that is the prize given to any college student that has the gut to submit videos of naughty sex actions taking place in his or her school dormitory. Actually, this is huge cost on the part of this company but its aim is to present unique style of online porn videos and really, it is paying off tremendously.


Right now, this site is doing well and has lots of actions taken in order to retain its status as the place to watch the biggest collection of dorm rooms explicit hardcore videos and photos submitted by college co-eds. The variety of the content is one special area what drew my interest to this site as the scenes are mostly group sex. You can also watch few videos featuring boy-on-girl, girl/girl lesbian scene and girl solo masturbation.

When the Dare Dorm discount came online in July 2009, it met some other sites doing same thing but looking at what it has achieved today, one could just conclude it is far ahead of others and leading with great margin. This is not surprising because these guys are making everything simple and interesting. For instance, the ten thousand dollars it claims to pay movies submitter is an unbelievable gesture that any college dude or girls will rush at. And if at all the bargain is realistic I would expect long time domination by this site.

Asides huge sum of money that exchanges hands, the site is a simple platform easy to understand and permits easy navigation. The tools are strategically laid out to guide members as well as visitors in their bid to search for content of interest. There is a live chat column for members and a menu that takes you to latest episodes while intending video submitter can do so in a menu reserved for this purpose. There are more than 160 movies with about 120 pictures each where you will see the hidden lifestyle in college dorm. The videos can only be streamed online and come in full length each lasting for about 55 minutes which can also be fast-forwarded or replayed.

The $1/2-day trial is worth trying before considering going for a full month subscription and the reality scenes produced by Dare Dorm is worth viewing, too. Here, you stand a chance to view and enjoy college life involving amateur girls in seduction, nudity and hardcore actions. The hot spots here include nice suck of cork, pussy licking, and anal fuck, wild and crazy hardcore and group sex. The site offers its members a bonus to access 11 other sites at no extra cost and this is done in its effort to fulfill its promise to offer varieties of college dorm porn scenes. It is indisputable that everyone engages in sex but when you watch how these college girls fuck their men, you’ll like to see more of the actions.